Well that was fun! Some Facebook creepin’ led me to Emo Picnic 7 hosted by Chris Cammarata from POPPUNKSNOTDEAD.NET. It’s a site that I frequent to find new music so it was great to meet Chris.

The weather man was calling for thunderstorms this afternoon but as luck would have it, the storms steered clear of Christie Pits Park.

We enjoyed some toys and games from the dollar store and some delicious cupcakes, sandwiches and pasta.
















First up was Burlington’s Fire Away. Even though it was an acoustic set, the entire pop punk outfit made the trip to the city to hang out. Mike was even kind enough to buy me an Arizona from the corner store. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again with Everyone Everywhere on June 26th at Sneaky Dee’s.

Next was Braden Barrie, better known by his stage name of SayWeCanFly. He looked so young but packed a punch with his powerful, clean vocals and intelligent lyrics that really hit home. For fans of Cute Is What We Aim For and The Rocket Summer.
















Last to play was Like Pacific. I can’t help but compare this Toronto band to The Wonder Years. Catchy pop punk (with the odd hardcore breakdown) paired together with Soupy-esque lyrics that feel like you’re talking to a bro. Singer, Jordan, is even a ginger! Great stuff.

Thanks again to Chris for putting on the event and providing goodies for everyone, and thanks to the bands and new friends. See you around.


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