Although I neglected to complete a post for Day 3 of Pouzza Fest, I feel this will more than make up for my laziness.

Here is a mix tape of some of my favourite and newly discovered bands that performed at Pouzza Fest 2012. These 16 bands represent a small percentage of the 100+ bands that played this year. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to catch all of the acts, these are the ones that really stood out for me. Hopefully you’ll discover some new bands through this mix.

I decided to start the mix with my favourite newly discovered band of Pouzza Fest, Pentimento. Here’s the track listing:

Pentimento – L’Espirit De Escalar (The Stairs)
Hot Water Music – State Of Grace
The Snips – Blackouts
Inside Riot – Cut The Ties
Dave Hause – Heavy Heart (Electric)
The Hunters – 01/01/11
Saint Alvia – Mother’s Day
Stay Home – Less Dr. Phil, More Dr. Morgentaler
Junior Battles – Passing Out
Dig It Up – Missing People
Brixton Robbers – There Once Was A Taxi Driver
Farler’s Fury – Common Ground
Jeff Rowe – Oh! Tragabigzanda
The Menzingers – Burn After Writing
The Flatliners – Count Your Bruises
Joey Cape ft. Hugo Mudie – Montreal
*FYI Hugo Mudie is the founder of Pouzza Fest and former frontman of The Sainte Catherines

*Please note that all rights remain to the bands and artists. This is merely a mix tape to help promote their talents.


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