It was tough to wake up in the morning but today had an exciting itinerary.

We started by going to sushi then hitting up Foufs by 3pm to catch Farler’s Fury, a punk rock group with bagpipes.

A couple of bands later was Saint Alvia. This is one of the bands I had been looking forward to watching at Pouzza Fest. Because of the short set, they opted to play only new songs. However, the new songs were great. I’m looking forward to their new album later this summer.

After reading on the Pouzza Fest Facebook page about some people’s bad experiences with the whole ticket to passes ratio  and not being able to attend some concerts, me and Bailey quickly decided to wait in line at Club Soda in hopes to get inside to see Brixton Robbers, Cheap Girls, Tim Barry, The Lawrence Arms and Lagwagon.

We were in line almost 3 hours before the doors opened. I’m glad we went at that time because the line grew pretty quickly. It was apparent that many of the people waiting in line would not make it inside, but I knew we were safe.

We took turns going to the depanneur across the street to pick up 6-packs of beer. The lack of food, hot sun and beer made time go by pretty quickly. Some fans even brought guitars. We all sang along to this group playing American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem:

It was 6 o’clock, still one hour before the doors were set to open, so Bailey ran across to get this smoked meat poutine. This was his 5th poutine during Pouzza Fest (he ate his 6th later that night).

It was probably a dick move on our part, but we just couldn’t let Chris of The Flatliners wait at the back of the line. He texted me and found us in line about 20 minutes before the doors opened.

In case some of you didn’t know, I’ll be Chris’ new roommate in Toronto come the end of the month. He’ll be away on tour in Australia and Europe until mid July so it was great to have a chance to hang out and have a few beer together at the show.

Here’s a photo for other future roommate Bobbie. He wasn’t able to make it to Pouzza Fest this weekend and is a big fan of The Lawrence Arms.

I left Club Soda about 5 songs into The Lawrence Arms set. I’m not sure why, but I was drunk and tired and I wanted to be well rested for the secret acoustic show later with The Menzingers, Chris Cresswell from The Flatliners, and Joey Cape from Lagwagon.

I awoke in my hotel room to four texts and three missed calls from Bailey. It was 1am, the show had finished at Club Soda and Bailey was already at Frites Alors for the secret show. I left the hotel room and ran as fast as I could to the venue. I ran so fast that I didn’t hear the music and went four blocks past the venue. I backtracked and found the venue in time to watch the last half of Chris’ set.

Next up was Joey Cape of Lagwagon. He opened with my favourite Lagwagon song May 16 which was on repeat every time I played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on Playstation.

After the show we celebrated Bailey’s 25th birthday with a fresh, late night pouzza.

Next, we tackle the third and final day of Pouzza Fest.


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