As some of you may or may not know, I was supposed to play an hour-long acoustic set this night at The Rainbow. As much as I wanted to play, I just couldn’t pass up this concert.

I had been looking forward to the Glamour Kills Tour since its announcement months back. The tour played host to three of my favourite bands, Transit, Polar Bear Club, and The Wonder Years. To my surprise, they decided to make Ottawa one of two Canadian stops on this tour.

Before going to the venue, I met up with Jon to split a 6-pack of PBR in the market.


We arrived at the venue just as Transit was setting up on stage. I hurried to set up my flashes and settled in at the front of the stage. The band was even better than when I saw them in September and Joe’s stage presence was amazing.


Next up was the band I had been most looking forward to seeing. Polar Bear Club opened with the powerful “Pawner” and kept the energy flowing throughout their entire set. I had the privilege of speaking with Jimmy for close to a half hour after the show. Stand up gent.


Last up was The Wonder Years. The pop punk sensations took the stage with full force. The crowd, including myself, sang along during the entire set.


This was the best concert I had been to in a long time and one of the better turnouts I have witnessed in Ottawa. I’m glad it was an All Ages show; the crowd was really into it.


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